Species: Silver Fox
Gender: Herm
Mother: Citrin Reina
Sire: Aderyn Reina
Age: 19
Height: 155cm (5' 1")
Eyes: Silver (exceptionally light blue)


Tara is a rather androgynous plantigrade hermaphrodite vixen, who can just as easily pass as a rather feminine boy as shi can a girl. Hir fur is a just a simple combination of silver and black, with long dyed blue hair. Shi has a tendency to dress in the uniform of a Japanese schoolboy, despite not being even remotely Japanese hirself.

Shi has predominately silver fur, with a black belly. Hir inner thighs are also pure black, and narrow down to a simple line into hir 'socks' in a fashion similar to a garter. Hir black belly also runs up and completely covers hir breasts and arm pits, before running down the inside of hir arms, and forming another simple line, which, like with hir legs, connects to hir gloves. Hir gloves, which are also pure black in color, extend all the way past hir elbows, while; hir socks extend well past hir knees and partly up hir thighs. Hir back, is almost pure silver in color, marred only by a fur marking about midway down hir back, with an uncanny resemblance to a spade as found on a playing card (also in black). If you were to grab hir by hir tail, and hoist it up to get a look at hir ass, you would find, that the black fur from hir belly, runs all the way between hir legs, and hir butt, giving hir a very thin band of black, which then continues from hir ass, and runs down the underside of hir tail, all the way to the tip. Hir hair is very long, reaching down to hir waist in length. It is also a brilliant neon blue in color. The hair near hir head is arranged in a spine-like manner, similar to a porcupine, jutting out in short (actually some are nearly a foot long) spines in random directions. Further down, from the base of hir head to well past hir shoulders, quite a few locks of hair take on a braided form. Finally, from there down to hir waist, hir hair simply falls straight, in a well combed and brushed out manner. Shi has C-cup breasts, a 7" sheathed penis and internal testes. Hir sire is a herm while hir mother is female.

Clothing preferences: Tara has a tendency to dress in an outfit very close to a typical Japanese school boy outfit, mainly, black pants, with a black button down jacket (with brass clasps). Hir hat resembles that of a police officer's without a badge, and colored solid black. In order to increase hir androgyny, shi will often bind hir breasts with cloth strips to give hir the appearance of looking like a very feminine boy. Underneath the jacket, shi will usually wear a white t-shirt with the design of an old movie reel on it. Shi usually wears a pair of sunglasses with small, square, rosy colored lenses.

Tara is best described as multi-faceted. Shi changes depending on whom shi is around. With a small group of friends, shi becomes incredibly outgoing, and lively, but when alone among a large crowd of strangers, shi forgets how to act, and becomes introverted, and shy. Shi tends to take a bit of a pessimistic view of life, but tries to force hirself to think positively. Shi likes to think of hirself as a person you could go to talk to if you were in need. Shi is currently a college student, art major.


Character copyright © Tara Infernoflare.

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