Species: North American River Otter
Gender: Herm
Age: 22
Height: 183cm (6 feet)
Eyes: Brown


Tam is an orphan thought to have been abandoned by hir parents. Although shi has tried to track them down, all shi has been ascertain so far is that they were a normal single-sexed couple, and Tam fears that they were ashamed of having a dual-sexed child. Shi was raised by loving human foster parents and took their surname.

Tam is very mischievous. Shi loves to have fun and pull pranks, and has a carefree attitude. Values friends and life. Lives for the thrill in life. Scared of dying alone. Likes the outdoors, especially forests and woods. Although shi likes hir home town of Portland, Oregon, shi also enjoys travel. Places like Europe are a must, Scotland especially. A local planetary shuttle pilot, shi goes to the Double H Club when in town. If out of town, shi'll go to local HH club, and swap stories and jokes. Shi will not be intimate with people shi doesnít know or isnít good friends with. Has a fetish for large breasts. Loves to go swimming. Was accepted at school because of ability to roll with the punches, and dish out as good as shi received, plus popular support made racists skulk away.

Masculine looking – fit, but not huge muscles. Bright eyes, with a twinkle in them. Smiles a lot. The build of a swimmer. Plantigrade. Shi has solid dark brown with a beige front, and a ruff of head fur rather than hair. Wears jeans and a T-shirt if casual, suit if not, and a Paracord survival bracelet, color olive drab. Hir breasts are a large B-cup, and shi has a thick 7" unsheathed penis. Masculine biased.


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