Species: Spotted Black Panther
Gender: Herm
Age: 26
Eyes: Blue
Height: 152cm (5 feet)


Taila is a normal digitigrade spotted black panther except for hir white hair and dragon wings. Shi was at one time created on one of the Non-Aligned Worlds as a bodyguard/ person slave for hir mistress, who cared for hir enough that when she thought she was in trouble, sent Taila into Federation space to keep hir safe. Shi was found by a ship and Taila saw Chakat Nightstar, then a counselor on the ship, and took to protecting hir.

Taila is sleek, toned and beautiful, and hir wings add an exotic touch even if they aren't actually useful for flying. Shi likes to wear tight pants (dress slacks, jeans) normally matching hir fur color, red low cut halter tops, and twin desert eagle pistols in leg holster (where legally allowed). Shi has a strong dominant personallity, very protective of the ones shi loves and calls family, and will protect the weak or disabled. However shi is still conditioned to obey a mistress. Shi has a strong female bias, D-cup breasts and an average-sized sheathed penis. Shi may not have parent, but shi does introduce hirself in the chakat greeting like, hello I'm Taila Sillanpaa, Niece of Chakat Nightstar and Razel, House of Bluepaw. Shi has a mate, a lion morph named Mistreal Deinar, and also has a strong sexual and loving relationship with Nightstar.


Character copyright Chakat Nightstar.
Art copyright © hir player and Sandy Schreiber

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