Species: Chakat
Gender: Herm
Age: 27?
Height: 168cm (5' 6")
Eyes: Sky blue


Tabitha has amnesia due to apparent traumatic head injury about ten years ago. Shi was found wandering on an isolated beach on Kauai. Since shi speaks fluent Hawaiian, it was assumed shi was a resident, but shi has never been identified and no Chakat was reported missing at the time.

Tabitha has a brown tabby coat, medium brown hair worn in a short bob, has average size breasts for a chakat, and a slightly smaller than average penis for hir species. For clothing, shi prefers cool colours and simple tailoring. Shi habitually wears a kukui nut lei; wears a white hibiscus flower behind hir right ear when on duty. Hir hobbies include taur-form hula, amateur astronomy, and restoring antique electronic computers. Shi is professionally friendly, but privately introverted and reserved. Shi is a tour guide / division manager. Shi isn't currently in any relationship and has not had any children so far.


Character and sample art by and copyright to davewa / wa1gsf.

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