Species: Winstar Rat (Laboratory Rat)
Gender: Herm
Mother: Hannah Watanabe
Sire: Gregory Labs
Born: 15 March 2297
Height: 184cm (6' ½")
Eyes: Red


Rarely seen without a few smudges of engine grease, Susan is an average built rat who had taken most of hir looks from hir father, and hir sex from hir mother. Shi was born on the British Isles and speaks in one of the regional dialects (Estuary). Shi is very proud of hir lineage, and has traced hir family tree all the way back to Subject #0452456, the rat more commonly known as Eve, the first reported anthropomorphic mammal created. It's been highly disputed, however, if Eve was the first, but in any case, she was born in the first year of reported anthropomorphic constructs, and Susan is simply happy to have a record dating back to the beginning (one further step back leading to an artificially created rat sperm named "Adam's Rib" and a human egg from a classified donor). The discovery of the full genealogy seemed to trip Susan's OCD, having a tendency of doggedly working on projects to full completion, forgetting of other things going on, or not starting projects for fear of things not turning out the way shi'd want them.

Shi is the Engineering technician aboard the Purgatorio, and hir relationship with Saldura has been of an on-again-off-again variety. While never feeling animosity to one another, they have been known to drift apart slightly, and then return to each other's arms. On one occasion it left Saldura pregnant making the two reconsider their options, deciding on a loose, yet permanent relationship. Their child, Elvron, was born in 2325.

Susan's fur is white with naked hands, feet, and tail. Hir hair is also white and kept in a short cut. Shi is known to dye hir fur vibrant colours on occasion (Ever see a green or a blue rat? You might if you hang around hir long enough). Plantigrade. C-cup breasts and a 20cm uncircumcised penis that is thin and light olive green. Hir clothing preferences are bold, single coloured shirts and denim blue jeans when casual, and Purgatorio Technician's Jumpsuit while working. Very proud individual, and often very curious. Tends to latch onto puzzles and projects and won't budge until they are complete. Has a functioning Obsessive Compulsive Disorder but it does not effect hir life seriously. Hir father is a male Winstar Rat, and hir mother a herm Brown Rat.


Character copyright Robert Adrian.   Art copyright © Seth Triggs.

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