Species: Chakamil
Gender: Herm
Mother: Bluevein (Bluepaw Skunktaur)
Sire: Sunset (Chakamil)
Age: 32
Height: 182cm
Eyes: Yellow


Born: 2300. Sunrise grew up in a small village in Western Australia called Swan Valley with hir parents Bluevein and Sunset.

2318: Shi meets Stephan while waiting for hir luggage at the airport, and through his kindness, started up a friendship that quickly developed into an intimate relationship. Shi meets Illumanati and the rest of Stephanís family. Shortly, college life becomes overbearing and they decided to concentrate on studies, so they become just friends. He was studying for a doctor/vetís degree while shi was studying to become a physiotherapist.

2319: Shi graduates, although Stephan was still attending college. So with a heavy heart, they both agreed that they should part as friends, but if they should meet again, they will formally become companions.

2329: As fate would have it, Shi acquired a job onboard the Starliner R.McManus as the ship physiotherapist, the very same ship that Stephan and his family boarded for Chakona. Stephan, Illumanati and Stephillum ran into hir when they decided that a nice massage would be beneficial for both hard working parents. They had dinner together and caught up on old times and rekindled the romance Stephan and Sunrise once had.

Sunrise was excited too learn that Stephan had a medical procedure done that allowed him to be fertile with taurs, so shi asked him to give hir a cub.

Stephan was overjoyed, and happily agreed to sire hir a child, so before hir next heat cycle they declared themselves denmates. Sunrise agreed to leave hir job once shi found out that shi was with cub to start a new family with hir dearly loved partners.

2330: They all arrive on Chakona and start a new life together. Sunrise starts up a new business in Silver Lake as a physiotherapist.

On the 10th of March, Sunrise gives birth to a chakamil cub, that they named Solarblaze.

2334: Fate has a funny way of dealing the good with the bad, and in this case, the outcome was heartbreaking, as Sunrise loses hir life in the bombing of Amistad, which was the trigger for Solarblazeís destructive future.

Sunrise is loving but also quick tempered. On more than a few occasions, shi had let hir rage and anger cloud hir judgment. One instant, shi had badly injured Stephan, but felt remorse afterwards. Shi is moderately feminine in personality. Loves surprising hir family with gifts. Has pale blue fur with yellow and red streaks, as well as red ears. Has a blue paw pattern within a circle of red fur over hir right breast. Shi has an eight inch penis and 37C breasts. Shi has a T-1 Telekinetic ability as well as the new ability of Solar Flare, which momentarily blinds recipients.


Character copyright David Wishart.

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