Species: Chakat
Gender: Herm
Born: 17 May 2331
Mother: Starshimmer
Sire: Shadowstripe
Height: 170cm (5' 7")
Eyes: Golden Yellow


Sundawn is a strong confident officer in Star Fleet (Lt. Cmdr. FSS Draconus) and shi isn't one to suffer fools lightly. Though when shi isn't on the job shi has been known to play the odd practical joke, though shi never hurts hir targets. Shi is a loyal and thoughtful friend and has no liking for those who have anything to do with H1 since hir mother was killed by H1 back when shi was a little cub (2332). Often times shi will bring one of the cubs with hir on hir visits since both shi and hir mate are busy career officers with Star Fleet's elite FCT Black Ops Unit.

In sexuality shi is completely balanced though in personality shi is a very strong leader type. At home shi is a relaxed and loving parent to hir cubs as well as a confident and reasonable sounding-board for hir mates Tanya Brightpaw, a red foxtaur and the daughter of hir father's old Companion Misha Brightpaw; Solarblaze and Snowdrift. Shi tends to stabilize both of their moods since they are both more volatile than shi is. At the HH shi is fun and energetic, with a penchant for pulling silly pranks on other herms, though shi never does anything that really hurts them and would give hir life for any one of hir many friends.

Sundawn has a medium-light build and has cheetah-patterned fur with all of the characteristic markings of that species. Hir hair is blond, hir breasts C-cup and shi has a 10.5 inch penis. When shi isn't in hir uniform shi dresses sharply, much like hir father before hir, though shi is also a fan of wearing naught but hir fur. Shi wears a mate bracelet that was given to hir and hir first mate Solarblaze when they first mated back in 2344. Hir children are Dawnlight - Child of Solarblaze and Sundawn (22 April 2345), Firespot - Child of Sundawn and Solarblaze (27 July 2348), Firetail - Child of Tanya Brightpaw and Sundawn (2 June 2350), Nightbreeze - Child of Snowdrift and Sundawn (17 September 2356), and Sandshift - Child of Sundawn and Snowdrift (23 September 2356).


Character copyright © Mark Ewing. Art copyright © Amber-Aria.

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