Species: Foxtaur
Mother: Illuminati (Foxtaur)
Sire: Stephan Glazer (Human)
Gender: Herm
Born: 19 May 2325
Height: 176cm (5' 9")
Eyes: Bright Green


Stephillum was the first child born of Illumanati, an Arctic foxtaur, and Stephan, a human who had a genetic procedure done to make him fertile with his foxtaur mate. Shi was born on Earth and is lucky to be alive, as Human First sympathisers torched the clinic and home while shi and hir mother were still inside. Luckily, hir mom used hir teleport ability to escape, after hiding in the store room. Shi was 3 at the time.

After moving to Chakona with hir parents, shi went to school, and shi followed in hir motherís footsteps and became a nurse after shi discovered that shi possessed the ability to teleport as well as heal by touch. Shortly thereafter, shi got involved with the incident that involved hir stepsister Solarblaze. Soon, the Glazer family was recruited by the FCT.

In 2351, Stephillum and hir immediate family joined the crew of the FSS Draconus. Within the first few hours on board, they had their first emergency, as victims of a H1 attack was Transported on board for treatment. One of these was a four year old chakat cub named Winterbreeze, who was badly burnt. After shi was cured and treated, shi developed a strong bond with the foxtaur medical officer. Shi currently has started dating one of the crew members, Lexador Minkpaw, the Voxxan First Officer to the captain.

Stephillum has bright red fur, white chest and black socks and gloves and ears. Hir hair is silver, shi has 34C breasts, and a sheathed nine inch penis. Hir clothing preferences are hir nurses uniform, or a white vest jacket with a red rose and black bowtie. Shi's happy, carefree, upfront and open. Loves a good laugh, but can be serious when an emergency arises. Completely bisexual.


Character copyright © David Wishart.

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