Species: Chakat
Gender: Herm
Height 155cm (5' 1")
Eyes: Yellow-orange tinge


Both of Starduskís parents were Fleet security personnel, in fact, it is how they met. Stardusk is an only child and picked up much of hir parents military leanings, later to enroll in Star Fleet security hirself. Shi is trained in shipís weapons and fire control, though that isnít to say that shi was without hir share of combat training. Shi also tends to put work before social life, and hir membership and attendance at the club is likely due to a friendís not-so-subtle prodding. For a chakat, Stardusk is quite reserved, characterized more by a calculating personality than the typical chakatís zest for life.

Hir fur pattern is Russian Blue coloration with a white, four-pointed ďstarĒ on hir chest. Shi has chin length, stark white hair, usually thrown back into a quick ponytail. Hir career in Star Fleet has led hir to become used to either being in uniform or nothing at all. As such hir civilian wardrobe is rather bleak and consists mainly of loose gym halters, making hir a prime target for being dragged into shopping trips, not that it has helped any. Specifically dislikes jewelry. Shi's bisexual with a leaning to hir male side. Shi is not currently in any relationship.


Character copyright Michael Stacy.   Art copyright © Jennifer Doyle a.k.a. Zephira.

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