Species: Chakat
Gender: Herm
Age: 24
Height: 180cm (5' 11")
Eyes: Sky-blue
Mother: Galesong
Sire: Frostfoot


Growing up, Snowrose wasn't exactly the most confident cub in the world, albeit falling into the infamous peer pressure trap: the desire to “fit in with the popular crowd”. Shi usually kept to hirself so much that shi didn't have hir first real friend until shi was about 6 years old: an anthro male squirrel named Kamon. For three splendid years they've known each other, but once Kamon’s father received a job on a Chakonan Orbital Port, Snow continued to keep to hirself until shi moved to a new town that was constructed in a slightly Southwestern region of the Michigan territory of the GNA; the town was given a more classic appearance, screenings having been done to see what it looked like back in the year 2012, and as a result of historical curiosity gave the town a mix between modern-day technology and older-generation classic appeal. Since Snow moved to the new town, shi met a female Caitian friend during fifth grade named K'rrsth'n. As they both progressed to junior-high school, they met a male wolf named Janus who made the both of them equally happy, giving them many opportunities to open up to each other and to themselves. When Snow matured, shi began to realize hir talents as an avid story-writer and, unfortunately, began to distance hirself somewhat from hir immediate friends. After submitting hir stories on an uploading site, shi received replies from one of hir readers. Agreeing to the anonymous reader’s chat request, shi discovered the reader was an attractive female dragon morph named Kyani Moonstripe, who only after a few weeks of online chatting and role-playing became a very important person to Snowrose. Though distant their relationship may be, Snow feels quite accomplished knowing shi has a mate living tens of miles away. Meanwhile, hir newfound self-confidence allowed for hir to become a member in a division of the Herm Haven situated in the Michigan Territory, thankfully one available to hir via public-transportation. Shi feels that one day shi will be able to meet hir beloved at Herm Haven.

Shi is essentially an obsessive perfectionist, despite knowing that the word ‘perfect’ is often overused and misunderstood. Shi enjoys getting things done both the way it's meant to and the way shi feels it should be. Shi rarely ever lives down a mistake and always strives for ways to improve hirself. Because shi is such an intuitive thinker, shi often finds hirself forgetting to socialize with friends, family, and coworkers. Should a conflict arise, shi often makes an attempt to avoid it, not wishing to “add fuel to the fire”. Shi enjoys making people laugh since it helps hir to feel better about hirself sometimes, but shi often tends to be a clown, especially when working in a group; because of this, shi often finds it difficult to understand that which is impersonal to hir. Shi does not often enjoy expressing hir true feelings for many given situations, and can sometimes be gratuitous to others in avoiding the sharing of hir emotions; as a result, shi generally finds it easier to “blow off steam” with video & computer games, even if frustration settles in while playing.

Overall, Snowrose does not entirely care what shi wears; generally shi almost never wears anything on hir body that is not up to dress code, primarily setting hir style for convenience and consistency. Regardless the weather, shi most enjoys wearing a zip-up hooded long-sleeved shirt, though shi hirself is unsure of why they make hir feel so comfortable. Shi generally chooses to wear articles of clothing that are darker in color (e.g. a black T-shirt) and prefers not to wear anything yellow and/or pink. Snowrose generally chooses to wear spiked accessories, namely a choker and a set of bracers, but due to the slight discomfort the bracers provide, shi is more often seen with the former. The only jewelry shi is ever seen with are rings and necklaces; shi prefers to only wear one ring on either hand and enjoys wearing necklaces that are easier to access (i.e. one whole string with the metal adornment attached to the string.) The physique of hir lower half is comparable to an average Sumatran tiger; in slight contrast, hir upper half is somewhat skinny and thusly more feminine in appearance. Shi has 38D breasts and a larger than average penis for hir species. Hir empathic talent measures in a ratio of slightly higher than E4 but less than E5 and shi has a slightly under-practiced secondary talent of telekinesis with a level of K3. Though shi always believed hir true calling was zoological research, and part-time jobs as a pharmacy technician that did not interfere with hir schedule were hard to come by, shi had discovered shi had a knack for piloting a starship, and thusly went on hir way to earn hir Master Pilotís license. Shi eventually was assigned an exploration vessel named the F.S.S. Xifos tou Artemis.


Chakat template art by and copyright to Dustin Southé and coloured by Chakat Sandshear.

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