Species: Chakat
Mother: Clouddancer
Sire: Swiftpaw
Gender: Herm
Height: 183cm (6 feet) Age: 39
Eyes: Arctic Blue


Chakat Snowfur is an average chakat, likes to socialize a lot, make friends, help whenever shi can and likes being a good listener , loves outdoor activities, computers, sciences, sci-fi books, bike riding, extreme sports. swimming , etc.

Snowfur's fur is white with black stripes from head to the tail tip like the white Bengal tiger. Hir hair black with streaks of white. Shi has no clothing preference, going on impulse of the moment. Shi wears ornaments made by one of hir lifemates. Shi is loveable, likes to make friends. Open and easy to go with. Shi has several relationships including four lifemates. Shi's totally unbiased sexually.


Character copyright © Jorge Puentes.

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