Species: Tigertaur
Gender: Herm
Height: 200cm (6' 7")
Age: 36
Eyes: Icy Blue


Created: 16 April 2340. Snowdrift and her twin brother Sandstorm, were created by a group of scientists in a secret underground Science Facility located near Perth in Western Australia. They were artificially matured to a physical age of 25 in just five years. She was bred for combat and infiltration. During one of the training exercises, she was forced to kill her own brother. Shortly thereafter, she was rescued by a special Federation Counter Terrorist member called Goldpaw, whose job was to investigate and eradicate all illegal genetic engineering facilities as well as Humans First Terror cells and operations.

After Snowdrift was quarantined and given a full medical examination, the doctors discovered that she was genetically dependant on the illegal drug Dyroxium. Without it, she would go into shock, then a coma and eventually die.

She was fascinated by the Chakats and their home world, Chakona. So, given a liaison, a young Chakat named Solarblaze Glazer, she left Earth and made her journey to a new life. She soon joined Solarblaze, Stephillum and Sundawn on board the FSS Draconus, a top secret Federation Psionic Vessel to combat H1 terrorists and unknown threats to the Stability of the Federation. While in space, she gave birth to Lunablaze, Solarblaze’s third child. On one of the top secret missions in space, the crew came across a Genetic Reset Alternator, which can reset DNA too it’s default setting. Determine to rid herself of the genetic dependency of the drug Dyroxium, Snowdrift agreed to the alteration.

9th April 2355: Going through the procedure, Snowdrift decided to become a hermaphrodite so that shi could sire a child with Solarblaze. Soon afterwards, they conceived a child which they named Vortex. Shi soon became Denmates with Sundawn, Solarblaze’s Lifemate, and they conceived a child which they named Nightbreeze. Snowdrift sires a cub with Sundawn whom they call Sandswift.

Snowdrift is very protective of hir family and friends, shi would die to protect them, and on a few occasions shi almost did. Very suspicious of strangers and absolutely loathes Humans First terrorists and sympathisers, after losing hir first unborn to them on Chakona. Once you get to know hir and gain hir trust however, shi’s the best companion anyone could have. Shi’s very flirty towards any species regardless of gender. Shi loves playing tag, so long as shi’s it, so shi can sneak up with hir optical camouflage ability and tackle an unsuspecting victim. Shi also loves spicy food and Baileys Irish Cream with milk.

Snowdrift has white fur with black tiger stripes. Two pink scars – right breast and abdomen. 39DD breasts and a nine inch cock. Completely bisexual in preference. When not wearing hir Federation Security Uniform, shi likes an ice blue see-through brassiere with a lavender jacket with silver studs. Shi also often wears a small medical pouch and a Rakshani dagger on hir left upper arm. Shi has the ability of Optical Camouflage.


Character copyright © David Wishart. Art copyright © the plumpdragon.

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