Species: Chakat (x Skunktaur)
Gender: Herm
Age: 27
Eyes: Green
Height: 150cm


Sneakpaw is the child of a chakat mother, and a skunktaur sire named Silvermane. Shi is a programmer/engineer aboard a moderately large trader spaceship. Shi was once is Star Fleet Academy but dropped out in the final year. Shi has written and maintains hir own holodeck program that basically contains hir dream home to which shi occasionally invites visitors. Shi has a very weak Astral Travel ability that shi inherited from hir sire. Hir name derives from hir habit of walking very silently and startling others by suddenly standing beside or behind them. Shi is quiet, honest, kind of naive, and has a tendency to laziness of which shi's aware and fighting against.

Sneakpaw's fur changes with the seasons, from long and patterned like a skunk in winter, to short and pitch-black in summer. Shi has long, dark brown hair, and hir tail is unusually long and fluffy due to hir skunktaur genes. Hir weight is a little more than optimal for a chakat. Hir bust size is smaller than average for a chakat. Shi is moderately feminine in bias, but prefers females or herms for partners, although shi currently isn't in a relationship with anyone. Hir preferred clothing is an armless leather jacket and a black hat that shi wears in winter. Shi wears a black & white bracelet made of braided thread on hir left wrist.


Character copyright hir player.
Art copyright © Lizkay and Nimrais

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