Species: Chakat (x Wolftaur)
Gender: Herm
Mother: Hyra (wolftaur)
Sire: Bramblefire (chakat)
Age: 37
Height: 185cm (6' 1")
Eyes: Crystal Blue


Silverbrook, or as most of hir friends call hir, Brook, is quite strange to say the least. Hir fur is silver-and-white mixed together in a blend that makes it look like a flowing brook (which is how shi got hir adult name). Before hir coming of age ceremony, hir birth-name was Morningmist. Hir eyes are crystal-blue. Both hir fur and eye-color were influenced by hir mother. Shi met hir first true friend in grade school: Chakat Winterflurry. Unfortunately, Flurry's sire had an occupation in a certain fleet that had hir moved to a star system parsecs away from the Sol System. Depressed by these turn of events, Silverbrook shut hirself out from just about everyone. When Silverbrook made it to third grade, shi met a vixentaur by the name of Kauru Firefur. Kauru and Silverbrook had been friends from then on, and their friendship remains standing to this day. Unbeknownst to Silverbrook was a decision Kauru had made that would eventually make them a target to a human assailant that wanted vengeance on both Kauru and her family, teaming up with a chakat by the name of Bluerose, whose motives are even more diabolical than the human's. Silverbrook, years later and still living with hir parents in Illinois, makes a decision that would soon drastically change hir life. Kauru had an occupation in the Star Fleet aboard a starship called the F.S.S. Blue Wind. Only having been at least a week aboard the ship, events take a turn for the worse as a collision with a dark matter object causes the warp nacelle to explode; collateral damage causes the second warp nacelle to fail. The collision was so severe, it rendered the ship completely immobile. Fortunately, a passing starship belonging to a fabian male named Blackstrife picks up the entire crew and brings them aboard his starship, the F.D.F. (Firestorm Defence Fleet) Dragon Star. Chakat Ripclaw, the Blue Wind's commanding officer, requests they be brought to Chakona for a delivery mission. Silverbrook asks Blackstrife if shi can be transported planet-side for reasons unknown. Shadowblaze, Dragon Star's chief of security, with whom Silverbrook gets into a fight, grants hir that permission, provided of course that shi doesn't show hir "ugly face around here again". Silverbrook is transported to a small watering hole only a mile away from civilization. Bluerose shows up unexpectedly and pushes Silverbrook off of the top of the waterfall; the fall being so great, and the pool very shallow, Silverbrook blacks out the minute shi hits rock-bottom and loses much of hir memory. Shi can't remember who or what shi is. Chakat Midnightdance finds hir drowning in that pool, rescues hir, and takes hir back to hir apartment home. Rescuing Silverbrook was the easy part; getting hir memory back would prove to be a challenge. Silverbrook, assured this chakat would help hir recover hir memory, stays on Chakona in Midnightdance's apartment. Unknown is it the approaching threat... that of which would be the final piece of Silverbrook's missing memory (Read “Let it Rain”).

Silverbrook has a strong, lion-like lower torso with a very feminine upper torso belied only by the strong arms. Shi has silver fur that blends with white, giving a very fluid appearance (i.e. like a brook). Shi has D-cup breasts and a ten inch penis. Doesn't really care what shi wears, as long as it is free from profanity and any drug/alcohol-related references. Sometimes seen wearing punk accesories (e.g. spiked bracelets and chokers) and a silver, heart-shaped pendant. Mostly introverted. Usually shi lets someone open up to hir before shi opens up to them. Hir occupation is a biologist in the Star Corps. Hir mother, Hyra, is a female wolftaur with ice-blue eyes. Hir sire, Bramblefire, is a tortoiseshell-calico patterned chakat with sapphire-blue eyes. Shi has two children – Chakat Shadowgrove and Chakat Stormclaw – both borne by Chakat Silverbrook. The first was sired by Chakat Bluerose, the other's sire is unknown.


Character copyright © Matt Starks.

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