Species: Maned Wolf
Mother: Aleaha Frostpaw
Sire: Siaph Frostpaw
Gender: Herm
Height: 170cm (5' 7") Age: 24
Eyes: Green


Shanoa's parents were plain male and female but a recessive herm gene manifested in hir birth. Shi is a cut slightly under weight. Hir black tipped ears poke out of hir long blond hair that hangs down past hir shoulders. Hir bangs hang down in front of hir face, nearly getting in the way of hir sight, and they are dyed black up to hir eye level. Hir ears are pierced only one time each with a gold clip earring on the upper part if the ear. Hir eyes are two toned – the left is a brilliant emerald green, the right is an icy blue. Hir muzzle is black, as is hir throat, chest, and belly down past hir belly button. The black socks and gloves stop under hir arms and short of hir private area. The rest of hir fur is a deep red. Hir tail has the normal black band that separates the red from the white tips. Looking at hir back you can see a large set of dark gray, angel wings. Shi is digitigrade, has small C-cup breasts, and an average sized sheathed penis.

Personality-wise, shi is happy-go-lucky. Shi is your typical blond, shi is very ditzy, but that makes hir cuter. Shi has a bad habit of being very naive to the point of being slightly dangerous. Shi tends to favour hir female side. Shi wears tomboyish clothes, normally something simple that shows off hir shape. Shi has gold clip earrings, a silver necklace with a crescent moon charm, and a small ring with the family color, blue.


Character copyright © Aaron Walters.

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