Species: Rakshani
Gender: Herm
Mother: Rhane
Sire: Karon
Age: 27
Height: 223cm (7' 4")
Eyes: Amber (left),
Ice Blue (right)


Born a herm, an extreme rarity for Rakshani, growing up was a struggle for Shamara, feeling shi had to prove hirself both as a female as well as a male. Shi did manage to hide hir gender for a while, but as word got out more shi decided to leave Raksha and head for Chakona. Due to a mistake on hir part, shi had booked passage to Earth instead, and was left with no way to return and no place to stay. Drifting from one menial job to another, shi eventually ended up in an underground fight circuit, but as they tried to trick hir shi quickly left, leaving behind a pair of bloodied and bruised "Humans First" types. Moving out of Europe to America, shi found a job as a construction worker where shi first met Rosco, a male wolftaur, who would later become hir lover. After a while Shamara grew more restless and decided to move on again, taking on a job as a trucker. All was well for a while until a severe rut hit hir, due to hir hormone imbalance, and attempted to force hirself on a female leopard morph. Fortunately for both shi collapsed from the shock to hir system before things got completely out of hand. Shi was soon arrested but released again as the leopard female had decided not to press charges. The whole event still haunts Shamara to this day, however. The one light in it all was that shi was pointed towards the Double H Club and was given medical aid for hir condition. Eventually Shamara was given a job as a part-time courier between branches of the club, getting a reduced membership and boarding costs. It had turned hir life around, getting to know other herms and seeing some more of the world. Recently shi found hirself in Australia and discovered a love for motorbikes, hoping to one day become a professional racer. In the meantime shi enjoys racing dirtbikes, and getting to know and understand hir body's needs better with the help and support of other herms. Outside of the Double H club shi sometimes visits Bondage clubs, though most often just goes hiking and sightseeing or spending time at the local race tracks.

Shamara has a muscular build, with a bit of a belly as shi has a healthy apetite, but certainly not overweight. Hir fur is ochre colored on hir back, fading into a lighter straw color on hir limbs with white "socks" and "gloves". Some of hir stripes are "hollow", specifically those on hir back and on the gloves where they look more like stretched leopard spots. The stripes on hir back are black in color while the rest of the stripes and spots are a more strawberry blonde. Shi has long black hair, reaching to mid back, with a blood-red streak dyed in. The hair is often tied with two or three studded leather straps. Hir breasts are on the small side for a Rakshani, but hir 25cm sheathed penis is average.

Prefers to wear leather, such as biker style outfits and boots (designed for hir digitigrade feet), or something more casual but always on the masculine side if the situation dictates. Shi has never worn, and always refuses to wear, a dress or skirt. Shi always wears a heavy hand-made spiked leather collar, and a tigerseye stone on a leather string around hir neck. Shi also has a few piercings, four rings in hir ears (two on each ear) both hir nipples are also pierced with a ring, sometimes linked with a pearl, or steel chain.

Shamara is more male oriented in her preferences and behaviour, although sometimes shi still struggles with being a herm and has a breakdown, which true to Rakshan nature, results in agressive behaviour. However these events are pretty rare nowadays as shi has a suitable outlet for them and herm friends willing and able to guide hir through. Shi has a fetish for leather, canines and taurs, all of which shi gets hir fix with hir wolftaur lover, Rosco, with whom shi has discovered a submissive side to hirself.

Shamara's parents were involved in a space freighter accident, resulting in the loss of their then four and six year old son and daughter. During the salvage and clean-up, several crew members were hit by radiation, resulting in fertility problems for hir father after recovering from the radiation poisoning. This and the fact that hir mother had been impaled on a shard of metal, left the couple with little to no hope of ever concieving again. However, the Rakshan deities decided to grant the couple their wish for another child during the Rakshan fertility festival, and either to fill in for the loss of two children or other unknowable motives, had Shamara be born a herm. Due to the sense of humor of the Rakshan deities, Shamara has the ability to breed with any biped felinoid outside hir race, although this is as yet unknown to hirself.

Shamara has had a number of lovers, but the only more or less steady ones are a male wolftaur named Rosco, Shiva – a Bengal tigress, and Marissa – a draft horse mare although the relationship with her is winding down as she has found a mate. Rosco still lives and works in GNA but stays in touch regularly via vid-com. Shiva works for the Star Corps, and sometimes as a specialist for Star Fleet, and lives near Melbourne. Marissa lives in Europe. Shamara has a number of nicknames: Shaman, Sam, Mara, and Mar. Shiva alone also calls hir Tigs or Tiggy, but the others occasionally will call hir Tiger.


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