Species: Chakat
Gender: Herm
Mother: Snowstripe
Sire: Thundercloud
Age: 27
Height: 176.5cm (5' 9.5")
Eyes: Glacial Blue


Shadowstripe is a strong caring person who is in the middle of a move to Chakona in 2332. Shi is a Pediatric Neurosurgeon with a secondary Doctorate in Child Psychology and shi cares deeply for hir work and hir patients. Shi is currently taking a short break from the stress that has plagued hir recently with the death of hir mate and the firebombing of hir old home before continuing on hir journey to Chakona. As a former Deputy Branch Director in Calgary, shi is very familiar with how the Double H Club works. Inside of HH, shi is a relaxed and loving person who makes friends easily, although shi is much more guarded of late in hir dealings with humans.

Shi is a strong dominant person though shi cares deeply about those around hir. Shi has a deep sense of personal honour and when shi says shi will do something, that thing is as good as done. Around other herms shi is relaxed and easygoing, though hir sense of grief over hir recent loss has somewhat muted hir emotions.

Hir parents are Chakat Snowstripe, Capt. FSS Saratoga (missing since 2309) and Chakat Thundercloud. The red pawmark on hir breast is a legacy of hir maternal grandfather Tanvora, a Redpaw Skunktaur, and hir level of talent is fairly high. Shi is a trained T-5, E-5 empath/telepath. Shi is traveling with hir long-time Companion Misha Brightpaw, a tod foxtaur from a clan near hir hometown. Shi has one daughter that shi sired – Chakat Sundawn – child of hir deceased mate, Starshimmer.

Shadowstripe's fur is a dark grey base with black tiger stripes. Hir hair is silver grey. Shi has a robust, muscular build, D-cup breasts, and an exceptionally large male appendage. Shi tends to dress rather sharply favouring sharp blouses and sport coats though shi has no taste for ties and other neckwear. Shi has a small Firestone necklace on hir neck and a single diamond stud earring in hir right ear. The earring tends to disturb other chakats due to their aversion to piercings, but when hir ear was torn by accident, it initially healed with a hole. Shadowstripe mischievously took the opportunity to put in the stud before the hole healed over completely. Shi is strongly male in sexuality, though at this point in time hir sexuality is more balanced as shi is currently expecting cubs in eight months’ time.


Character copyright © Mark Ewing. Art copyright © Amber-Aria.

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