Species: Chakat
Gender: Herm
Height: 173cm (5' 8")
Age: 21
Eyes: Crystal blue


Shadowgrove is a black-furred chakat with grass-green tiger stripes and red leopard spots, with glossy black headfur extending to the waist. Shi has crystal blue eyes like both hir parents. Hir empathy level is E5, and shi has a second talent: telekinesis (K3). When shi was born, hir mother had lost hir memory to a tragic accident that almost left hir in the emergency room. Shadowgrove lived out hir life on Chakona, hoping to get by with what little shi had. Unfortunately, fate takes an ugly twist when shi is evicted from hir apartment and, as a result, is forced to look for an occupation. Shi finally finds a mate in a part-time job at a convenience store. Later, when they pronounce themselves lifemates, they live quite prosperously... that is until tragedy struck; Shadowgrove's lifemate had died from a gang-related crime. Months pass and shi still has no lifemate, not wanting to bear the depression of losing yet another. Shadowgrove, now a wandering soul, looks only toward the stars, wishing for someday that shi may see hir mother and sire again.

Shadowgrove is fairly strongly built with well-toned muscles showing. Shi prefers to mostly wear feminine corsets, tube-tops, and bikini tops. Shi usually has on a pearl necklace or Egyptian ankh choker, a golden anklet worn on hir left foreleg, and a gold tail brace. Shi's very antisocial; hir mannerisms toward strangers are comparable to a scared cub's. While shi is very shy, shi usually jumps at the chance to something shi enjoys. Shi's unbiased sexually.


Character copyright © Matt Starks.

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