Species: Arctic Fox
Gender: Herm
Height: 162.5cm (5' 4")
Age: 23
Eyes: Blue


Usually called Sera for short, shi is shy, yet adventurous, never misses an opportunity to have fun, nor ever backs down from a challenge. Shi dosen't get mad too easily unless pushed, and dosen't stay mad too long. Shi's also fairly fast to forgive.

Sera's fur is white with slightly grey "socks" and "gloves", and hir hair is also white and neck-length. Likes to wear short tops and long cargo pants, although shi'll wear tight jeans when shi's feeling adventurous. Shi wears a gold earring in hir left ear. Sera has average sexual endowments, and shi's bisexual with leanings to hir feminine side.

Sera is not currently in a relationship but is looking for that special someone. Shi is caring for a child (not hir own), a very small kit whom shi found abandoned.


Character copyright © Trevyn Lloyd Kerl.

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