Species: Chipmunk
Gender: Herm
Age: 28
Height: 165cm (5' 5")
Eyes: Brown


Salendera is very bouncy and fun loving, but is known to turn very serious when the situation calls for it. Shi loves to flirt and joke around, but can be very shy around new people. Shi is one of the most adorable herms that you could ever have the pleasure of knowing. Shi can be incredibly playful and loving to close friends, but becomes shy around strangers. Shi has always loved children, so became a child psychologist to so shi can work with them full time. Hir breasts are quite sensitive to certain types of stimuli due to the fact that hir ancestors were sex slaves. Shi also collects medieval weaponry and shi has learned to use several of them. Shi is a master of the long sword and battle axe. Shi has been going to the Double H Club for several years now and has made several friends there and has taken some of them to bed, but it has never been anything serious.

Salendera is the much-loved child of single-sex parents with the recessive herm gene. White fur covers almost her entire body, except for three dark brown stripes running down hir back to the tip of hir tail. Shi wears a low cut top and a pair of blue jeans in public, but prefers to go completely nude when possible. On the job, shi usually wears nurse scrubs, with an apron covering them. The only jewelry that shi wears is a gold necklace with an emerald in the shape of her zodiac symbol, Libra. Shi is currently not in a relationship, but shi has hir eye on Vanny, but for some reason, shi has been too nervous to approach the vixen. Shi does not have any children, but when shi finds the right person, shi hopes that will change. Shi has D-cup breasts and a sheathed penis that is 10" long when fully erect.


Character copyright Jonathan Gilley.

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