Species: Flying Squirrel morph
Gender: Herm
Age: 25
Height: 145cm (4' 9")
Eyes: Left: Electric Blue, Right: Jade Green
Parents: Unknown


Orphaned as a child, shi ended up as a pirate, but shi abandoned hir crew when the venture went south and shi has never looked back. After hir loot ran out, Rose (as shi likes to be called) settled down as a bartender and lives paycheck to paycheck, having a good time with everyone shi can.

Hir fur colour is brown with a tan belly, and hir naturally black hair is dyed leaf-green. Shi is digitigrade and built like a dancer, looks like a rogue and has a huge fetish for milking (hirself or others, it's all good), then drinking the results later. Shi has an E-cup bust and has an 8½" penis. Shi prefers loose revealing clothing, and vests are a must for any outfit. Gold and copper bangles on each arm and a wolf-shaped earring in hir left ear. Shi does not know anything about hir parents as shi was orphaned at a very young age, but they were both herms. Shi's currently not in any kind of relation and does not have any children that shi knows of.


Character copyright to Sean McLain.

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