Species: Siamese Cat
Gender: Herm
Eyes: Silver grey


Riley is a fairly androgynous herm cat with a base coat of dark grey which fades into light grey on the ears, muzzle, chest, tail, groin and legs. Riley prefers to be referred to as "she" or "her" rather than the herm pronouns. Her breasts are D-cup, eyes are silver-grey, and hair is always spiked up in a messy fashion. She wears square black-rimmed glasses. Her clothing style is also usually androgynous, she likes close-fitting shirts and jeans, and she's a big fan of ridiculous belt-buckles. She always wears at least one red armband.

As for Riley's personality, she's a James Dean-y type but she has a soft streak, as it were – she may look like a hard-ass, but she really is a lover and not a fighter – she likes to be all 'bark' and no 'bite'. She is lifemated to Zatanna, a lop-eared rabbit. Riley is a masculine-dominant personality while Zatanna is feminine-biased.

Riley only visits the Double H Club on rare occasions, usually just to socialise with some herm friends, or to attend one of the club's poker nights.


See Kitsuneko's homepage at Fur Affinity.

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