Species: Spotted Hyena
Gender: Herm
Born: 13 October 2307
Mother: Kalifa
Father: Rashidi
Height: 190cm (6' 3")
Eyes: Murky-green iris with the rest yellow


Rhea is a moderately built herm hyena morph standing tall for hir species. Shi looks like any other hyena except shi lacks the typical headfur. Instead shi has a ruff of fur between hir ears. A somewhat imbalanced fusion of male and female, shi has a large bust but smaller hips and rump. Shi was born one of the two herm pups in hir clan, but hir mother always treated hir as a female because of hir outward appearance. Being the daughter of the dominant female like hir wild and feral brethren, shi also is a lot more aggressive and readily mounts females during both heat and rut as well as males. Being brought to the Americas by a new friend in order to learn more about herbs and medicine, shi is currently looking for a few more hyenas to create a clan with along with hir sibling. So far they only found a male hyena morph, with whom shi is still attempting to court. Shi was referred to the Double H in hopes of finding more of hir species and isn't shy about letting hir presence being known with loud laughter and soft nips.

Rhea has a slim and toned plantigrade body. Hir fur is ashy grey with darker grey spots and muzzle with 'boots and gloves'. Hir bust size is a high C to a low D cup. Hir penis, which looks more canine rather than like a hyena's, is 7" extruded in a 4" sheath. Shi prefers tight and home-made or tribal clothing. Shi likes to wear bone necklaces and tooth earrings. Shi is kind, hyper, playful, and mischievous. Shi just loves collecting the minor insignificant things like fire hydrants. Hir occupations are poledancer and student in medicines and herbology. Hir parents were normal male and female but had the recessive herm gene. Shi has a female-only sister named Natasha.


Art and character copyright © Hay Featherpaw.

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