Species: Chakat
Gender: Herm
Born: 15 August 2308 (Age: 24)
Eyes: Sky Blue
Mother: Patchwork
Sire: Nightfire


Rez is involved in mercenary operations, tactics commander, scout, and heavy sniper. Shi is usually cheerful and willing to go out of hir way to help.

Rez is a black and white Bengal tiger patterned chakat with long red hair, and athletic build, and a DD bust. Shi prefers simples T-shirts and halter tops, and only wears a little in ornaments and jewellery on special occasions. Shi has two Companions – Dalik and Senny – One Denate – Chakat Shadowpaw – and two Lifemates – Chakat Amber and Khalandar. Shi has three chakat cubs – Silkpaw, Blacktip & Ty.


Character copyright Rez. Sample art by and copyright to Poppabear.

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