Species: chakat
Gender: Herm
Mother: Sandstorm
Sire: Silverwind
Born: 30 August 2316
Height: 167cm (5' 6")
Eyes: Blue

REVERSE a.k.a. Reve

Reve (as many prefer to call hir) was born and raised in Michigan. In recent years, shi gained an interest in zoology with particular interest in xenozoology. Shi has read a couple of Forestwalker's write-ups (which any biologist would have to do) and was especially engrossed by the rediscovery of Eastern Barred Bandicoot. Right now, shi's going through school with the intention of of training to become a xenozoologist specializing in behavior.

Reve is adept at using hir empathic talents (E4) to get quick reads on people and animals alike to try and predict reactions. Hir parents, a SWAT officer and a physician, encourage this as they both use their own talents frequently in their work. Reve is the third of four children, and the only one mothered by Sandstorm.

Besides enjoying the company of others, Reve is fond of music, being decently talented with the trombone and would most likely be even better if it weren't designed for human mouths....

Reve enjoys doing whatever is least expected, so long as it doesn't harm anyone. Reve also enjoys partaking in mind games and absolutely loves activities, such as chess, that pit minds against one another. Shi is also an incredibly fast learner with an inquisitive mind, which has gotten hir into trouble a few times at school, all of which were much to hir (and friends') amusement.

Hir fur is tiger pattern, but black with orange stripes instead of the normal orange with black and a white belly. Hir hair is black and kept tied back in a ponytail. Shi virtually always has a pair of sunglasses resting on hir brow, assuming shi's not using them otherwise. Hir clothing usually consists of a simple top or shirt that doesn't clash with hir fur pattern (often black, blue, or gray, although other colors are in hir wardrobe). Shi has a very slight masculine bias.


Character © Isaac Grant.   Art copyright © Lliira Snowfoxx and Kacey Miyagami.

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