Species: Skunktaur (x Chakat)
Gender: Herm
Mother: Kaylen (skunktaur)
Sire: Rosetip (chakat)
Height: 198cm (5' 8")
Age: 30
Eyes: Grey


Razel of House Bluepaw was born in Port Keplar on Chakona. Hy grew up in the small town with hys three sisters, Chakat Nightstar, and the Nova twins, Chakat Novastorm and Novastar. Hy was the only Chakat-kin cub in the family. As hy grew up, hy and Nightstar started forming a bond that persisted through Nightstar's rebellious times. When both Razel and Nightstar were old enough, they moved to Berdoovia so Razel could pursue a career in the medical field, but hy was not sure what, so hy start out as a nursing assistant, until one day hy met Desdanova, then both Razel's and Nightstar's paths changed. Razel then start looking into classes in genetics, but then got seriously into genetic diseases after Desdanova died from hers. After that. Nightstar also left Razel to join Star Corps, leaving Razel a bit sad but understanding. Three years later on one of Nightstar's shore leaves, Razel unknowingly conceived a cub by Nightstar. After that they made their denmateship and a year later became lifemates. They have since moved to Melbourne, Australia, with Nightstar's other lifemate, Chakat Thriceborn, so Razel could continue hys research and Nightstar could keep hir postion with Star Corps. When Razel heard about a herm organisation called The Double H Club, hy and Nightstar joined up.

Razel's fur is warm grey with a typical striped skunk pattern, two white stripes down hys back until the tail, then becomes three white stripes to tail tip. Hys hair is white and very long. Hys build is slim but a bit muscular. Hy has 34C breasts in female phase. Razel normally wears a blue, slightly see-through vest, but if the dress code mandates it, hy will put on a normal blue vest. Hy is shy, quiet until hy gets to know them. Always busy with something. Hy has an average telekinetic ability typical of hys House. Hy has one cub – Chakat Blackfire, daughter of Razel and Nightstar.


Character copyright Chakat Nightstar, and art copyright © Frisket-17.

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