Species: Doberman taur
Gender: Herm
Age: 23
Height: 170cm (5' 7")
Eyes: Blue
Mother: Kalitai
Sire: Voledair


Born and raised in Melbourne, Raevera, or Rae as shi prefers to be called, had quite a good and happy life. Shi was discovered to be an empath at the age of 8, hir talent was measured at E2, though throught practice and honing of the talent over the years shi is closer to the E3 side of the scale, and it has become a valuable addition to hir current occupation as a police officer, such as while questioning suspects. Shi is the oldest child in hir family, and as such has three younger siblings, Halidan is a 17 year old male, Julaia is a 14 year old herm, and Lakita a 13 year old female. Hir parents are hir mother Kalitai, a female Doberman taur, while hir sire is Voledair, a herm Doberman taur. An incident when shi was 12 showed Rae the Melbourne Police Force in action, and thus inspired hir to pursue a job in Law Enforcement. When at work shi is serious and stern, and shi won't take any nonsense whatsoever. But when having downtime form hir job, shi is happy, outgoing and energetic.

Rae's fur pattern is classic Doberman. Hir hair rests at about halfway down between the shoulder blades, usually tied back in a ponytail, mostly black with brown highlights. Hir taur build is very similar to that of a dobermans, hir humanoid torso is in direct harmony with it, and shi has an average bust for hir height and build. Shi wears modest shirts, though when out at parties or clubs, shi will be a bit more extravagant, and will also wear the occasional necklace/collar and bracelets. Shi also has a bit of a leather fetish.

Rae's parents are both classic Doberman taurs, although hir mother is female while hir sire is a herm born to normal parents with the recessive herm gene. Shi currently only has casual relationships with some of the members of the Double H Club, and has no children.


Character copyright to Kiarra Langton.

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