Species: Chakat
Gender: Herm
Born: 29 May 2311
Eyes: Ice Blue
Height: 188cm (6' 2")


Permafrost is a blue-furred chakat who was orphaned and grew up in the Greater North American continent in the district of Montana with human foster parents - James and Lara Rollins. As shi grew up, shi began to take an interest in anything mechanical or electrical. seeming to have a natural knack for repairing things. When shi was old enough, she applied to the Star Corps academy. Shi got high marks in all of hir subjects, although shi excelled most in mechanical and electrical engineering. Shi is currently a Star Corps mechanical engineer, but shi continues to study with a goal of becoming a fabled technomancer.

Permafrost of course earned hir name due to not only hir blue fur, but also the blue skin. This was found to have been caused by hir mixed parentage as hir sire was a skunktaur of House Bluepaw. Crossbreeds between chakats with their dominant genes and skunktaurs with their adaptive genetic strucure have frequently caused odd characteristics, but few so dramatic as this. Chakats with a skunktaur parent usually have the House pawmark also, but it seems that the genes for the blue marking got twisted to add the colour to everything, so hir fur ended up a shimmering blue with a tinge of purple, and hir skin a darker blue. Shi has inherited the skunktaur Talent of telekinesis, but other than that though, shi is a perfectly normal chakat, light but slightly muscular, 32D breasts, and a 12.3" cock. Hir hair is slightly longer than shoulder-length and is silver coloured. Shi will wear any kind of top, but will go topless whenever appropriate. Shi wears a bracelet with an ice-blue diamond or saphire inset. Shi is friendly, yet somewhat shy, but opens up with a little bit of encouragement.


Character copyright Jonathan Fereday.

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