Species: Black-footed Ferret
Gender: Herm
Height: 183cm (6 feet)
Age: 23
Eyes: Hazel


Pepe is reserved and shy due to past experiences, and takes a while to warm up to new people, but once comfortable enough with someone, shi can be quite chatty and warm. Once shi has had a few drinks however, shi tends to end up quite bubbly and overly affectionate, much to hir embarassment once sobered up. Shi has a strong desire to be cared for and looked after, so does not have a specific preference for gender, so long as these criteria are met - as such, shi is completely bisexual. While shi has had lovers in the past, shi's currently single and on the look-out for a long-term partner. Hir parents are also black-footed ferrets – a herm sire and a female-only mother.

Pepe wasn't brought up in one place, due to hir parents' work causing them to move home quite often. As such, shi never tended to form long term friendships, which made for a lonely childhood. As soon as shi was old enough to fend for hirself, however, shi decided to pursue a career in hir preferred field, that of genetics. Shi accepted a research post in Melbourne, Australia, which led hir to discover the local branch of the Double H Club – without the worry of suddenly needing to vanish off to another career assignment, shi took the opportunity to finally get to know people like hir, and finally make some long term friends. However, due to hir somewhat stunted upbringing, Pepe tends to have trouble opening up.

Pepe has never thought much of wanting to look beautiful or handsome, having never had time for more than a fleeting relationship or a one night stand, something which shi now regrets. It is with hope, however, that shi will find someone willing to care for hir and love hir at the Herm Haven.

Pepe is six feet tall, slim and lanky in the manner of ferrets, with a tomboy-ish look. Shi has white fur across most of hir body, with faint traces of black fur across hir back, and completely black arms and legs. A black band across hir eyes and the bridge of hir nose. Human style, medium length, black like hir arms and legs, down to the small of hir back. Plantigrade feet. 34B bust. Modest-sized penis in a compact sheath. Hir clothing is understated, not too ambitious. Jeans and a T-shirt normally, so as not to draw attention to hirself. The only ornament shi wears is a shark's tooth necklace, given to hir as a gift.


Character copyright Moonshadow, and art copyright © Loupgaros.

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