Species: Chakat
Gender: Herm
Age: 30
Mother: Silvermyst
Sire: Nightstrike
Height: 165cm (5' 5")
Eyes: Silver


Before you stands a chakat in all hir chakatty goodness! In a glance, you notice that hir fur is as black as a moonless night. Hir hair is silvery and seems to have a soft glow to it, like moonlight, as it flows down to hir join. You then look to hir eyes and notice they are a solid, glowing silver! After that, everything seems like normal, pitch black fur, until you reach hir breasts. They are neither large nor small, a good pawfull each. Between them is a silvery patch of fur, accenting hir cleavage. You continue to look down hir front and the pitch black of hir fur is uninterrupted until you get to hir forepaws which they have the same, glowing silver color as 'socks'. Hir nonmorphic section is pitch black, save for silver hindpaw 'socks'. A curious glance between hir hindlegs would reveal an average-sized sheath nestled there, hiding hir member. Under hir tail would be where hir femmsex lies but the chakat keeps hir tail low to hide such a view.

Nytesilver was born blind which is why hir eyes look the way they do. Shi has a slim build, and enjoys wearing bracelets, anklets, and some earrings for the soft chiming noises, but has no preference for clothing. Shi is friendly, snuggly and quiet. Shi currently isn't in a relationship.


Character copyright © Brent Hannum.

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