Species: Chakat (½ Chakamil)
Gender: Herm
Age: 36
Height: 179cm (5' 9")
Eyes: Blue
Mother: Rosetip (Chakamil)
Sire: Foxpaw


Chakat Nightstar was born on Chakona, in the town of Port Kepler. Shi grew up with hir brother Razel of House Bluepaw, and the Twins, Novastorm and Novastar. From an early age Nightstar was always in trouble, letting hir chakamil half run away with hir as shi disobeyed a lot of times. As shi grew, Razel formed a bond with hir, but shi continued to be an unruly cub, until shi and Razel moved to Berdoovia for Razel's studies. Nightstar being hirself, got in trouble my talking back to a police officer and was give community service at the hospital, where shi met Desdanova. Shi instantly disliked Desdanova, until shi got to know her and just before she died, she had Nightstar promise to get help. After that, Nightstar joined with Star Fleet and became a counsellor. Now shi work with Star Corp, maintaining a position out of Melbourne, Australia, with Razel and Chakat Thriceborn as hir lifemates there.

Nightstar is white tiger patterned with pink hair, has a slim, muscular build, and 34D breasts. Shi is friendly, a bit headstrong and short tempered, but getting better. Shi likes to build motorcycles to calm hir temper. Shi has no clothing preferences, but shi wears a tail ring, made of Teike wood and ivory, braided with black and white marble.

Nightstar has four children so far – Blackfire whom shi sired with Razel, Earthstripe and Satinlace who were sired by Thriceborn, and Gingersnap whom shi sired with Thriceborn.


Sample art by and copyright to Sierra Cheetah.

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