Species: Chakat
Gender: Herm
Age: about 30
Mother: Stargazer
Sire: Digits
Eyes: Blue
Height: 162cm (5' 4")


Nightmoon was born to Chakat Stargazer, an astronomer, and Chakat Digits, a mathematician/data analyst, who worked at the base station for the orbital observatory at the Earth-Moon L2 Lagrange point.

Growing up in the New Moscow colony (primarily a resource extraction base exploiting the Mare Moscoviense, with a scientific contingent of geologists and the base station facility for the observatory), shi was decidedly bookish in comparison with hir peers, preferring the library to the Chakker field (even once committing the faux pas of bringing homework along to a party to watch a Craters game). This resulted in a fair bit of teasing, which caused hir to lean even more towards relatively solitary pursuits. Shi developed an almost pathological fear of poor grades, believing that academic achievement was the only thing that could make hir stand out among hir peers.

As shi reached high school, school work began to involve more group assignments. As it became clear that shi would do almost anything within ethical standards to keep hir grades up, hir partners began to rely on hir more and more to do the "heavy lifting". Sensing this reliance and a "Don't worry, Nightmoon will make it work," attitude, Nightmoon developed trust issues that lead to a hesitancy to rely on others.

Early attempts at adolescent romantic relationships proved even more disastrous, as shi could never shake the feeling that potential partners were only showing interest in the hope that shi would help with homework. This combined with hir trust issues to cause hir to instinctively look for that thought in hir partners' minds, ignoring any genuine attraction. Shi eventually gave up on seeking romantic relationships altogether until shi finished college. These issues haunt hir into adulthood and the present day.

Shi "escaped" into the galactic subspace network, becoming the stereotypical geek of the early 21st century, practically living in hir parents' basement with a computer for companionship, losing hirself in books, games, and virtual roleplaying worlds. Shi eventually found a home in the relatively primitive, freeform text-based role-playing servers where hir lack of artistic talent was irrelevant. It was here that shi met hir future Mate of the Heart. Tinkering in these virtual worlds, shi developed an affinity for programming. This lead to hir focusing on computer science when shi eventually earned a scholarship with a moderately prestigious New England university.

As a natural "teacher's pet" (in the figurative sense, of course), Nightmoon has retained many of hir contacts in academia. While shi dreams of becoming an acclaimed author of interactive stories and novels, shi uses hir network to help interested Double H members navigate New England's institutions of higher learning. After all, shi still has to pay the bills while shi tries to get noticed by one of the publishing houses.

Nightmoon is still a relatively young chakat, probably around hir late thirties. Standing about 1.6 meters tall and weighing about 180kg, most of hir fur is night-black, except for hir face which is the the grayish-white of the Lunar surface. Hir body is fairly lean, though hir upper body and leg muscles are remarkably well developed for someone who grew up in only a sixth of Earth gravity, probably compensated for by the chakat regenerative ability. Hir nose leather is a light pink, and shi has deep blue eyes. Long, grayish-white hair cascades down hir back. She wears a loose grey tunic which covers hir upper torso and makes it difficult to determine hir exact chest size, although it is substantial like all chakats. Hir lower torso and paws are bare, as is traditional for chakats. Prefers comfort over fashion. Hir wardrobe mostly contains loose-fitting items, with a halter or two for occasions that require something more formal or showy. Will wear tasteful, understated jewelry on occasion, including rings, lockets, bracelets, anklets or tail rings. Might not be opposed to tail ribbons, but doesn't like anything too complicated or fancy. Has a preference for silver, since shi thinks it goes well with hir fur coloring.

Friendly and affectionate, although not gregarious. Prefers the company of a few close friends, but isn't averse to making new friends if shi finds them interesting. Somewhat bookish, shi's always up for learning something new if it catches hir eye. Has a slightly submissive personality, but suffers from trust issues and presents a somewhat prickly persona to those who haven't yet earned hir trust. However shi gives hir complete trust to those shi deems worthy.

Nightmoon has an active imagination (it goes with being an aspiring writer), and frequently fantasizes about being pregnant by a lover (although shi has yet to find a suitable mate). Shi is the Academic Liaison at the Double H Club office for local academic institutions (while shi tries to get hir "big break" as an writer of interactive fiction) and occasionally does bits of maintenance on the regional Herm Haven information and discussion boards when shi gets the chance.

Nightmoon doesn't put any stock in "gender roles", but tends to slightly favor hir female side. Shi has a mate of the Heart (unnamed "online" lover residing on Chakona), although shi is also looking for a "real life" mate, but not very actively and with no sense of urgency. Shi feels hir Mate of the Heart provides hir with the love and support shi needs to be happy for the time being.


Character is the property of hir player. Sample art by and copyright to Kacey Miyagami.

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