Species: Chakat
Gender: Herm
Mother: Breeze
Sire: Softfur
Age: 25
Height: 165cm
Eyes: Light blue


Newme grow up in a small town in Ohio. Hir family chose to move there to see what life would be like there. Only a few years later Newme was born. Shi went to school with mostly humans. They all loved hir and was glad that shi was there. Shi found a love with computers. Newme took all kind of class to help hir with learning more about computers. When shi got to high school, shi met a herm hyenataur name Deana, and they grew closer over the months. One day Deana pulled hir to the side in class to talk. That was the day that Newme got hir first girlfriend. Newme's family was happy for hir. Later on in hir life, the two became lifemates. After a few years they moved to Melbourne, Australia, where shi now runs a computer and imformation technology business. There Newme gave birth to their first child, Goldpepper. Now they live a good life with hir lifemate and hopes to add more to hir family and share the love they have.

Newme's fur is solid gold for most of hir body, but shi has a black patch over hir right eye. Blond hair. Shi prefers wearing halter tops, but will wear other things when it is appropriate. Shi has a fetish for big breasts.



Sample art by and copyright to Bubble_kitten17.
Character created by Michael Parton a.k.a. Chakat Newme.

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