Species: Domestic Cat
Gender: Herm
Height: 163cm (5' 4")
Age: 24
Eyes: Blue


Mrilly is a plantigrade grey-furred kitty. She is very friendly and outgoing. Very very much a tease. She has the idea that she can have anyone she wants, so prefers to take those that want her and play with them.

She has a slim build and hir hair is long and purple. Shi likes costumes and flashy outfits, and has silver earrings, and wears a large amethyst pendant on a silver chain. Her double pair of breasts are B-cup, and her six inch penis is not sheathed. She is strongly female-biased, which is why she prefers to be referred to by female pronouns.


Character copyright Sylia Brickcaster.
Art copyright © Firekitty and Arctic-Sekai

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