Species: Corsac Fox
Gender: Herm
Mother: Jessica Crashton (Corsac Fox)
Sire: Shenala Touchtail (Red Fox)
Age: 24
Height: Average
Eyes: Green


Miranda is a starship computer technician. While shi's very serious at work, shi's normally flirtatious and charming. Miranda’s family moved to Australia four generations before shi was born and have lived in Australia since then, but shi still has a very very small accent and can speak Asian because hir family insisted on preserving their heritage and all children are bilingual.

Miranda has dark cream fur with a light cream under belly except for a dark cream line across half her breasts. Long rich red hair with green eyes and a larger than normal black mark on hir muzzle. Shi wears simple bracelets tied to hir tail dividing them into chunks, and may wear necklaces as well. Shi has large C-cup breasts and fairly large sheathed penis. Prefers going nude where allowed, but doesn't mind hir work uniform. Not currently in a relationship, but hopes to find a suitable partner at the Double H Club someday.


Character copyright Able.   Art copyright © Naira.

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