Species: Kitsune
Gender: Herm
Age: 25
Mother: Akane
Sire: Haru
Height: 193cm (6' 4")
Eyes: Violet


Minoko's ancestors were engineered as pets and companions for those living in Nippon-koku (Japan). Post Gene Wars, the majority of Kitsunes stayed in Nippon, preferring to stay in a country where for the most part they were respected. Minoko's parents eventually moved to GNA (specifically New England). Minoko moved to Melbourne following hir lover, Chainer's job. While shi does miss seeing hir parents as often as shi would like, Minoko is happy with hir new home. As part of their engineering in the past, Minoko is an E3 and uses hir Talent in the DJ booth to select the right songs to fit the crowd and its mood.

Minoko is down to earth, but also very playful/mischevious typical kitsune. Very flirty sometimes; trouble on two legs, with a taste for bondage. Shi is a DJ and part-time fetish model. Currently dating a herm panther named Chainer. Minoko's parents are male and female, and shi got hir gender from hir maternal grandsire who was a herm and passed the herm gene recessively to hir daughter.

Shi is digitigrade, has an athletic build, three tails, silver-white fur, with blood-red hair and tail tips. Hir bust is between a large C/small D cup, and shi has a sheathed penis that is 10.5" long when fully aroused. Shi prefers either Goth gear, or a simple pair of jeans with a T-shirt.


Character copyright Minoko. Sample art by and copyright to Demona69.

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