Species: Tiger
Gender: Herm
Age: 27
Height: 183cm (6 feet)
Eyes: Blue


Call me Mieze. I am a friendly kitty and I love to just be happy and be around my friends and I also just love to tease.

Mieze is a popular nightclub DJ, and shi can often be found playing at the Double Date dances. Shi is a digitigrade tiger with the usual orange fur with black stripes and white underbelly. Shi wears square-framed blue-tinted glasses, a necklace with three small glowsticks hanging from it, five silver earings in left ear and three in the right ear (one is red and blue to symbolise bi pride). Shi also has two tattoos, a paw print on hir right butt cheek and nine smaller paw prints leading away from hir privates on hir front. Hir breasts are a large 36EE, but shi has a small sheath and internal testicles. Hir 8" penis is tipped with feline barbs.


Character copyright to Bianca Welham.

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