Species: chakat
Gender: Herm
Height: 173cm (5' 8")
Eyes: Blue
Age: 32


Merideth is your typical Chakat, with fur the color of sand and long blond hair appears naturally wavy. Shi wears it down to the middle of her upper back, though has been known to put it in a french twist or wear it in a ponytail. Size-wise, shi is a a little larger than your average chakat, but not enough to be considered freakish. Well built but not muscular for hir size. Shi usually wears a full body jumpsuit when required, but beyond that shi's perfectly fine with going naked in the chakat tradition. Casual clothing when in the company of others usually consists of summery blouses or puffy jackets.

Fun, easygoing personality. Can become positively bubbly at times, though is also capable of being serious. Friendly and social, as per the Chakat way. Takes more after hir feminine side, though enjoys indulging in more masculine pursuits. D-cup breasts.

Merideth has a penchant for human history, especially medieval history. Shi enjoys going to renaissance faires, participating in mock battles, and takes up related hobbyist activities and collections around this point of interest. Shi's trying to learn how to build a comfortable suit of armor for hir body, as well as working out a way for hir to participate in jousting without having to worry about the risk of injury or death, though part of the risk thrills hir too. Shi is also an archer of adequate skill. Shi works as a mechanic in the navy, one of many crewmembers on board a capital class starship assigned to keep it running through the heat of battle. Shi's handy with repairs and is skilled at working hir body into small passages, despite the problems posed by being a taurform. Shi has a fighter class ship that has been modified to accommodate hir, but she seldom takes it out for combat unless if requested.


Character © Adrian.

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