Species: Skunktaur (Bluepaw)
Gender: Herm
Age: 38
Eyes: purple-blue
Height: 157cm (5' 2")

a.k.a. Maxwell a.k.a. Maxine

Max is the navigator on a packet ship, FSS Promise. Hy tends to be a sensible sort, who seldom gets into trouble on hys own, but is quick to move to the rescue of other, less thoughtful, sorts. If everyone is panicking, Max is already in the middle of fixing the issue. Max prefers the direct approach to a problem.

Max is muscular, but enjoys good food strong but soft enough to be snuggly. Hys fur pattern is the typical striped skunk with a blue paw-mark on hys breast. Hy has no human-like hair. Max normally goes nude in male phase, but wears tasteful tops in female phase except in private or on board hys ship. Hy favors hys male side generally, but has been known to go female for new social situations. Hy tends to be a little shy and in hys mind that goes better with hys female side. Reserved and thoughtful, a little shy if hy does not know someone. Quick to go into 'white knight' mode though. Can be flirty if hy feels secure. Hy is denmates with multiple chakats and one mouse, and is the father of one chakat so far. Hy would like to be a mother one day but so far hys job has come first.


Character copyright Xamp.

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