Species: Caitian
Gender: Female
Mother: ?
Sire: ?
Height: 193cm


Doctor M'Lai Saarath is currently assigned as the Assistant Chief Medical Officer of the Federation starship Pegasus. It was quickly apparent that she was not a normal Caitian due to her extraordinary height and prodigious bust (44H). In fact she was the victim of a childhood disease which caused excessive growth in most parts of her body. One of the other effects of that disease has caused her ongoing problems – she is a clinical nymphomaniac. She tried to keep it under control through a combination of drugs and regular sex, but occasional lapses caused a series of incidents which kept her moving from assignment to assignment until she finally found her place amongst the people of the Pegasus. M'Lai is a xenophile and is attracted to males of many species, not to mention the hermaphroditic chakats. The First Officer of the Pegasus is also a Caitian named Rosepetal Silpurr, and she sought out M'Lai as a potential Fifthwife for her mate, Admiral Kline according to Caitian tradition, which M'Lai accepted. As she is now a part of a larger family that includes two chakat co-wives, Midnight and Forestwalker, she now has three people able to keep her sexual needs satisfied, and the love and support of all when she has difficulties.

Because she was chosen as the Aspect of Fertility by mating tradition, she is required to get with child within a Caitian year of mating. She does so and bears a daughter whom they name Larshana. She will have two more pregnancies within a short period of time, bearing a son, then another daughter.


Sample art by and copyright to Kacey Miyagami and Jennifer Anderson.

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