Species: Foxtaur
Gender: Herm
Born: 18 April 2310
Height: 165cm (5' 5")
Eyes: Grey


Lupus was born in an ordinary foxtaur village and, until shi hit puberty, could pretend to be a normal tod. However, as hir breasts started to develop, the other foxtaur children teased hir and a lot of hir old friends abandoned hir. A family friend suggested reassignment surgery but they didn't have money for that. As shi grew older shi realised that shi loved being a herm but nobody else did, so shi decided to leave the village. Shi found a small place to live and payed for it by doing odd jobs around the place. Around the age of 20 shi heard of Double H Club and that the best one was in Melbourne. Shi did a lot of extra jobs to get a ticket to Australia and joined as soon as shi could. After establishing hirself in Melbourne, shi went on to pursue a career in genetic research and is currently a trainee at the Institue for New Generation Genetics.

Hir fur is a dark red with earth-brown socks and gloves, lower jaw is white, and on the chest is a white diamond that stretches from the throat to the bottom of upper belly with the side edges just beneath the breasts. Lower belly is completely white. Black ears and short blond hair. Looks mostly male except for G-cup breasts which shi loves having fondled and suckled. Larger than average penis. Slightly chubby. Prefers to wear a loose-fitting jacket left open to expose the breasts, although shi wears a neat tight top for more formal occasions. Shi wears an armband on hir left arm near the shoulder. Shi enjoys 3-way sex to the point of addiction.


Character copyright Lupus.

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