Species: Wolf
Gender: Herm
Mother: Kaly
Sire: Oden
Height: 165cm (5' 5")
Eyes: Blue
Age: 23


This young wolf is certainly an eye catcher even if shi doesn't always want the attention. Between hir athletic body with curves in the right places, and hir bright blue hair, shi stands out a bit. Shi had always looked for a place to belong which lead hir to The Double H Club, where shi is able to be hirself and relax. Shi's a little shy around new people, but around a group of friends shi can really let herself go, even be a bit wild some times. Shi's strongly feminine biased, single, and open to finding a relationship.

Lillian is digitigrade, has an athletic build, and shi has tan fur with white fur going from hir throat down between hir legs, as well as white "socks" and "gloves". Blue dyed hair. Shi prefers casual clothing such as T-shirt and jeans for everyday wear, but can easily dress up for more formal occasions. Shi has 32C breasts and a 6.5" penis with a knot. Hir parents are Kaly (herm) and Oden (male).


Character © Tia Knight.

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