Species: Wolf
Gender: Herm
Eyes: Midnight Blue
Height: 213cm (7 feet)


Legna is a 7 foot tall plantigrade herm wolf with silvery grey fur and hair. Shi is slim but strong and well-toned. Shi has a 36DD bust and an internally stored penis which erects to an impressive 10 inches. When in public, shi likes wearing loose-fitting clothing such as skirts/tops, joggers, or baggy jeans/T-shirt, but at home shi prefers to wear nothing except perhaps hir simple red and gold dragon wing pendant on a leather cord.

Legna acts and looks female, but is totally bi. Legna is very loyal and protective of those shi loves and will do anything (as long as its legal and doesn't harm anyone) for them. Shi's quite smart, but modest. Hir areas of "expertise" are special needs children, massage and physical protection (body guard).

Legna is straight-forward and doesn't hesitate to say what shi thinks. Shi's very fiercely loyal to those whom shi considers to be friends. Shi's also very friendly and never has a problem scooping people up for wolfy hugs. Because hir penis and testicles are totally internal and hir personality is female, people often mistake hir for being totally female. However, shi is not mischevious in this regard and is very open about being a herm. Legna is very picky about who shi'll sleep with - in other words, just because you express an interest doesn't mean shi'll take you up on the offer. However, shi does have 2-3 semi-regular sexual partners/close friends, but is currently single.


Character copyright Muir.
Art by genniidrominda and Muir.

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