Species: Lion
Gender: Herm
Born: 12 August 2310
Height: 196cm (6' 5")
Eyes: Bright blue-green


Kira is Male biased but also likes herms. Shi was teased a lot through hir years at public school and due to this shi has become a bit distanced from other people and now has a hard time associating with others on basic levels. Shi gets a bit rowdy when shi's nervous as a way of trying to deal with her shyness. However, once shi gets comfortable around people, shi becomes very talkative and active in any conversation and is not too shy to start purring and give others big bear hugs. If anyone has a problem, they can always come to hir for a shoulder to cry on if they need one.

Shi gets along well with kids because they all seem to take a quick, if not instant liking to hir, probably because of hir big and caring heart. Shi hopes to one day have cubs of hir own. But first shi need to become a part of society again and get back into the scene (a.k.a. shi needs to get a girl/herm friend). And as a first step, Kira has looked up her local Double H and is now actively participating there.

As a job, Kira works as an aviation mechanic with drawing as a more of a hobby than an income, but it helps out. Shi also works weekends as a bartender at the Double H. As an artist, Kira is fairly good. Some of hir favorite pastimes are reading a book while listening to music, rollerblading, doing tai chi, and playing video games, all of which shi prefers to due with others than to do them alone. If asked to, Kira has been known to play some jazz on hir saxophone for groupings of friends.

Kira is fit but not muscular with no excess fat of flab. Hir fur is a typical lion tan, and hir hair is dark blonde with a streak of blue highlight on the front side. Shi is digitigrade, has C-cup breasts, and a sheathed penis 8.5 inches long. Shi likes to wear cargo pants with T-shirts but loves to dress up when the occasion calls for it. Shi wears reading glasses when needed.


Character copyright © Kegan Warner.

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