Species: Greyhoundtaur
Gender: Herm
Age: 22
Mother: Talia
Sire: Adrian
Height: 183cm (6 feet)
Eyes: Brown with gold flecks


Kendal's birth was somewhat of a freak genetic accident. Shi is the product of twins – a male and a female – merging into one embryo in utero; a rare circumstance that left hir a chimera, a creature out of myth with a combination of dysfunctional genitals. When tested for sex at birth shi was found to have both male and female cells in a random pattern over hir body. Hir parents then decided to have hir undergo surgery and therapy to give hir functional sexual organs of both sexes not to mention some necessary functional repairs. They did not believe it was fair to choose for their child, for they would have hated to make the wrong choice. The doctors say that shi can bear children or sire them, but neither has been tested as of yet. Hir health is closely monitored not only by hir doctors but also by specialists in genetics.

Having just graduated from the Police Academy shi takes hir duty very seriously. Shi has yet to be given a permanent assignment, but floats from department to department eagerly awaiting assignment. Hir goal is to one day be a Detective and work hand in paw with the Crime Lab. Shi can often be found when not on duty in hir garden, or running in the park with hir pet greyhound Baron who has the same boundless energy that his master does.

Shi has a great interest in fighting, both hand to hand and weaponized and will, if offered the chance, happily pick the brain of anyone more knowledgeable than hirself. Shi is familiar with all weaponry required by the police force but hir preferred weapon is an ancient 45 caliber, wood and stainless steel handgun.

Kendal is slim and muscular and hir fur has random patches of grey (what was called blue in greyhound dogs) and red brindle. Shi pales in color over hir face, chest and belly, but the randomness of hir color remains true over hir whole body. The feature that everyone notices however, are hir silver eyelashes. Hir hair is short-cropped, grey-black. Hir fur is quite thin so shi has to take precautions about hir clothing than most. When not in uniform shi prefers to wear formfitting yet comfortable clothing, and is often found in a tank-top with a white button down tee over it to protect hir. In the winter shi is often found in long sleeved shirts with brightly colored scarves to accent them. Shi also has a wrap to go over her taur half, to help keep her warm. Shi often uses it to sit upon when shi is not wearing it. Shi has C-cup breasts and a nine inch cock. Sexually shi is slightly biased towards her female side, but has no qualms about making use of hir male attributes. Shi has two sisters – April and Kayley. Currently no serious relationships.


Character copyright © Diane Dover.

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