Species: Raccoon x ¼ Fox
Gender: Herm
Birthday: 21 September 2311
Mother: Katlyn (raccoon-fox)
Sire: Andrew (raccoon)
Height: 144cm (4' 8½")
Eyes: Reddish-brown


Kelly is a average height raccoon herm. Her mixed heritage is obvious to any raccoon though. Hir ears a longer and sharper and her muzzle is longer than is normal. Also, while they are fluffy, hir cheeks are slimmer that a normal raccoon's. Hir body frame has more of the lanky build of a fox than a raccoon's. Shi wears hir straight black head-fur very long and grooms hir tail so the lighter and darker rings seem to be overlapping segments. Shi has four breasts that are well proportioned to hir body with the upper pair (C-cup) larger than the lower (B-cup). She favors a feminine appearance but is split in hir preferences and tastes between masculine and feminine activities and hobbies. Kelly is a bit of a video game addict, and loves to get out and play informal street sports (sometimes a bit rough). While shi is engaged in hir hobbies is the one time that shi cuts loose and loses hir shyness. Shi has be known to use sex appeal to cheat at basketball (wearing a shirt that show off hir lower breasts when shi raises hir arms).

Kelly grew up as an only child in a community where there were no other herms. This has left hir feeling a bit isolated. Hir father is a normal male raccoon and her mother is a raccoon-gray fox hybrid, and shi gets hir digitigrade legs and sharp features form her. That's also where shi gets her gender as hir vulpine grandmother was a herm. Kelly is currently living at the Melbourne branch of the HH club which shi favours over a dorm room at the college where shi's a student. Shi tried to help someone that shi thought was a friend and they took advantage of hir. Shi's learned a harsh lesson but may not be able to attend classes next semester.

Kelly still tries to be helpful to gain acceptance, but shi is a bit wiser about being taken advantage of. Shi still has a hard time fitting hirself into new groups, as shi has the misconception that acceptance must be earned by doing for others.

Kelly find male and females equally attractive but prefers other herms to single-gendered partners. Shi is very lonely and sexually frustrated at this time. Shi will be a very affectionate partner to anyone that can see past hir awkwardness, or better yet if shi can get over hir own issues. Shi wants a steady partner but right now will settle for a release from hir frustrations.

Kelly has a slender digitigrade build, and has a gray-furred raccoon pattern with a white throat, chest, belly, and inner thighs. There is just a hit of rust at the border of the gray and the white. Hir breasts are an average size but look more prominent on hir slender form. Shi's got a gold nipple-ring in hir upper right breast. It's new and shi is rather uncertain about of it and may remove it later. Shi has a sheathed penis about 7½ inches long. Hir mother's side carries over some latter types of fox and hir penis reflects this being somewhat more like a fox's. It has a vestigial knot, not large enough though for any kind of tie. Shi prefers feminine styles of tops in soft colors, and skirts or slacks whenever shi's trying to make a good first impression. If shi's familiar with people or not trying to stand out, shi goes more for jeans and band T-shirts. At home shi goes nude when shi can get away with it.

Kelly is a very nervous person around strangers. Shi wants friends but is rather shy about approaching new people. As an only child, shi grew up more than a bit self-centered, and this left hir rather lonely. Shi is trying to turn this around and put others first in hopes of being the Kelly that will have friends and maybe even lovers. However this has led to hir over-extending hirself and gotten hir in trouble. This has made hir a little bitter about people taking advantage of hir, but shi hasn't give up yet.


Character copyright © Matthew Stahl.

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