Species: Chakat
Gender: Herm
Mother: Blacktail
Sire: Whitefur
Eyes: Left: green, Right: blue
Age: 26   (1 April 2306)
Height: 170cm (5' 7")


"Keklily" or "Lily" born as Chakat Keketh-Lillianne Longfall, is a white tiger-patterned Chakat with reddish-brown hair that shi has let grow down to the back jointing. Shi likes hir rainbow-coloured earrings shi got from hir sire. Shi has a moderately strong build, weighs 220kg, and has firm C-cup breasts. Hir wardrobe consists of nothing but denim jackets and halters except for the legwarmers.

Born in the Melbourne area of Australia, hir parents and siblings fled to Chakona after a great demonstration by Earth for Humanity was held on Lily's fourth birthday. The all time sire, Whitefur Longfall, took hir extended family to hir parents' home on the little isle next to Ulara, Chakona, where Lily and hir siblings grew up and produced the clan's trademark mushrooms. Not just any kind of mushroom – a kind that gave same nutrients as meat does, a market that was needed due to the growing number of equine morphs and other herbivores.

At an early age Keklily dreamed of returning home to a large Chakat family to call hir own. To do so, shi started at the Chakonan Star Corps academy near Amistad. Shi was not the top, but good enough to get a place as a mining barge pilot for one of Chakona's greatest and oldest survey/ exploration vessels' the Longtail. Shi is assigned to the ship for a five year period, shi meets another chakat with whom shi becomes Denmate, and soon Keklily comes into heat and wishes for a child, a wish hir mate grants hir. Unfortunately N.A.W Humans shoots down the Longtail while it has stopped in an asteroid belt and forces Keklily to fly pregnant and alone (as hir denmate blew up with the Longtail) in a ship with a full cargo bay to the closest starbase (Starbase 3). After arriving at the starbase nearly starved, shi was honorably discharged from service as Lietuenant for hir bravery and loyalty to the Federation.

Keklily wanted to get to Terra to look up hir mother's parents and have hir kit. Unfortunately when shi got to Terra, hir grandparents were deceased. Shi had nowhere to go until shi found the Double H Club in Melbourne that gave hir a place to stay, but hir happiness has been in the bottom since shi doesn’t have a large family like shi has been used too. Will shi find a family that is willing to shelter hir and hir kit when it is born? Without having to go back to the farm life shi fled ten years ago?


Character © swedenrock5.
Art copyright © Neko-Maya and Hoshi Kitsunuki.

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