Species: Cougar
Gender: Herm
Born: 4 July 1958
Mother: Joan L. Erickson
Father: Jerry G. Erickson
Height: 206cm (6' 9")
Eyes: Green-gold


Karen has much the same build as a Rakshani. Hir fur pattern is cougar and looks very drab, till you see her green-gold eyes. Hir tail is long and very muscular, this aids hir in walking, shi is very dexterous with it. Hir body is very muscular, and what little body fat shi carries adds nicely to her feminine look.

Karen has been a herm for only a short time, so shi is still learning about hir body. Shi has a hard time thinking of herself as a herm but is getting used to the idea of being both sexes. Shi started life as an inter-sexed human child and was altered to be male and was raised that way. At thirty-four shi started living as a woman and lived as one till the age of fifty. At fifty-one shi had her sexual reassignment surgery (SRS) to become female. This is when hir life took a hard left turn and would be forever changed.

Over a period of eighteen months hir body went from human female to animal-human hybrid, what would later become known as an Anthro-human. There were less then one hundred Anthro-humans known to exist, and most of them were used for testing and treated badly. But they were what gave morph technology its breakthrough in genetics. What happened to some is unknown. Karen feels lucky to be alive, and is resentful about how shi and others were treated at that time in history.

Karen has an affinity for Chakats and enjoys being in their company. Only very close friends know hir past and most understand hir needs and accept hir as shi is.

Karen found out shi was a herm only after a body scan when she was trying to clear Australian customs after being dumped in Australian airspace ending in a forced landing. After dealing with all the red tape, a Caitian doctor that was part of the extended family of where she was staying offered to help hir by removing some of the shrapnel that was still in her body from her time in combat in Afghanistan and then helped assemble a team to straighten out hir sexual organs. It looks very promising that shi maybe able to have cubs, something shi has always wanted.

At the instance of friends, (more like being dragged kicking and fighting) shi went to The Double H Club and started counseling to help hir deal with all the changes shi has been through in the last seven years. The counseling has helped to get hir in tune with hir body and to enjoy both side of hir new sexuality. A large part of hir enjoyment is making hir partner happy.

If she is overnighting at HH due to her scheduling it's not uncommon to find hir in the workout room staying in shape or spending time watching the little ones so their parents can socialize. At times hir protectiveness and combat skills have caused a few waves – most times when shi didn't know who the person was and the child was sleeping. This quickly earned hir the nickname of “Dog” as in guard dog. Like so many things in hir life shi just takes it in stride. After all hir radio call sign was “Bitch῔, and shi earned that one. For as rough and tumble as shi is, she also have a major soft spot for those in need of a friend.

She is upbeat most of the time and someone that you enjoy being around. People that are around her tend to open up and talk to her about stuff. If shi can shi will offer helpful advice or just let them talk things out. There are times when hir past haunts her, and will want to run and hide from the world. Shi tends to get to know people before anything happens. But if a tall good-looking person treats hir like a lady, who knows what they may get?

Hir fur is a typical cougar gray-brown, hir belly, inside of arms and legs are a dirty tan. Overall shi is drab looking. Shi stands plantigrade but walks digitigrade. Shi has C-cup breasts on a 54" chest. Hir body carries hir penis and testes internally which contributes to her female appearance. Hir penis is proportional to hir size. Shi has GM-001 tattooed in hir left ear. Shi wears a necklace with hir dog-tags and a Pentacle or Star of Life. Sometimes after shi has shed, out a red Rose and a gold and black Pentacle can be seen through the fur on her left left breast, a relic from her time as human. Shi dresses more to the feminine, and shi is not body shy. Shi was an aircraft pilot from before the Gene War and shi's working on getting back in the air.


Character copyright © K.L Bennett.

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