Species: Reindeer
Gender: Herm
Born: 10 January 2301
Height: 170cm (5' 7")
Eyes: Aqua blue


Joli lived in Alaska for a while, for most of hir life in fact, but all shi got was people telling hir shi wasn't normal and shi was a freak because shi was a herm although hir parents were both single-sex. That hurt hir on a personal level but shi never showed it, and that is how hir happy persona came to being. Once shi graduated from college with a degree in teaching, shi left Alaska and taught in Alabama for some time as an elementary teacher and, as shi got older, shi moved to high school, and then to college, but shi still wasn't happy. Then shi got a call from hir cousin who lived Down Under, and told hir how great it was there. Joli made it a point to move to Australia and get a job as a college teacher there, and Joli has been there ever since.

Joli is very upbeat and happy, but has an issue with trusting others and hirself. Loves shopping and playing make-up with hir girlfriends when time permits. Shi loves tops, any top shi can find. Once in a while shi'll wear necklaces also. Hir fur is typical reindeer brown on top and white on the underside. Shi is wide-shouldered and likes hir orange-red hair short with large curls. Shi also has antlers that change and fall off depending on the season, such as in winter they are huge and complex, but in the summer they fall off and start anew. Shi has DD-cup breasts.


Sample art by and copyright to Panhellsing66.

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