Species: White Fox
Gender: Herm
Age: 25
Height: 183cm (6 feet)
Eyes: right: Red, left: Purple


Jenny was born of herm parents in the Arizona district of Greater North America. At the age of fifteen, shi was abducted by a gang and was going to be sold for ransom. However the ransom could not be paid, so shi was forced to be the gang's "toy". They taught hir how to use guns and swords and set hir in the front line of all the gang's attacks on the public. Shi later broke hir way out and vowed to kill them all for what they did to hir. Shi has a gun and sword fetish which shi uses in hir profession as a mercenary. Shi joined the Double H Club because shi no longer fitted in any other place.

Jenny's fur is white with one black stripe going from hir breasts to the bottom of hir digitigrade legs. Hir hair is long and black like the stripe. Because shi was used to the hot weather in Arizona, most of the time shi wears a muscle shirt and black jeans. Shi wears a ring that has #364 on it, which was hir gang number. Shi kept it so shi could break it in front of the gang to prove shi is not their toy. Shi has D-cup breasts and a 9 inch unsheathed penis. Jenny is a cheerful and happy person until you make hir mad, and then shi becomes a little dangerous.


Character copyright to Church.

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